Sunday, 15 January 2017

So Let's Play A Game Of ''Who Are The Elite?''

New Statesman journalist Julia Rampen has been somewhat triggered by Labour's far left leader, Jeremy Corbyn, because Corbyn is in the habit of referring to an elusive 'elite' that he never directly names. Who are these mysterious people who run everything but nobody names? Can we use Corbyn's cryptic hints and clues to solve this riddle?. Julia has become so interested in this puzzle that she wrote an article at the New Statesman asking us who these people are.

Now, I thought the task of the journalist was to unearth such truths and then present them to the public, instead Julia  is asking her readership to tell her the answer to the riddle. Julia even thinks playing this game of ''Guess The Elite'' or ''Who Is The Man Behind The Curtain'' would make for a fun and entertaining dinner party game at the Islington lefty media circuit.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Rewiring Our Brains To Combat Hate-Think (The Movie)

It's came to my attention that a post I made last year called ''Rewiring Our Brains To Combat Hate-Think'' was recently turned into an excellent YouTube video by Aaron Kasparov. It's not just a rereading of the post but a brilliant video in its own right and well worth a watch. I have to say I'm rather honoured by this and would like to thank Aaron for what he's done here.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

The Black Heart Of Darkness

A few weeks ago I was out walking the fields with my dog when she bolted after a rabbit grabbing it before it managed to escape into the hedge. With her jaws locked across the rabbit's back my terrier then proceeded to vigorously shake the rabbit from side to side, breaking its spine and rupturing its internal organs, the rabbit squealed and went limp, the dog then dropped the rabbit and watched, amused with a slowly wagging tale, as life left the rabbit. The whole spectacle took about 15 seconds to play out and after I watched the dog to see if the killing had made and impact, did the dog understand what it had done? did it 'feel' anything at all?. The answer of course is no, it did not 'care' in any way shape or form, indeed, it is incapable of caring.

 The reaction of many white people to the ''#BLMKidnapping'' in which 4 blacks tortured a handicapped white man has been one of sheer incredulity at the cold barbarism of the blacks. It wasn't just the fact that these blacks were capable of such an atrocity, it was the dumb, moronic laughs and delight with which they scalped and slashed the young white man. The Muslim terrorist will behead you, but before he does so he'll chant prayers and offer you up as a sacrifice to Allah, he's aware of the importance, the significance of his act and wraps it up with a degree of pomp and ceremony. There is no pomp and ceremony to black violence, there's shits n giggles, and while it's tempting to add a ''not all blacks'' get out clause..lets face it, the crime stats are well known, the propensity of blacks to extreme violence is a fact of life.

Friday, 30 December 2016

The Year Of The Beast And The Illusion Of Permanence

You'd have to have a hard heart indeed not to be mildly moved by the poetic tragedy of Debbie Reynolds dying just a day after her daughter, Carrie Fisher. And just days before the passing of Carrie Fisher, George Michael's heart gave out one last time. A few days after Donald Trump was elected Leonard Cohen passed away prompting (((Jonathon Freedland))) to write in The Guardian ''Trump’s world is too dark – even for Leonard Cohen''. At the beginning of 2016 we lost Starman David Bowie and at the end we lost Star Wars's Princess Leia, and in-between the western political landscape was under a seemingly relentless populist revolt.

 In the liberal mind, then, 2016 has become a by-word for defeat, misery, death and failure:

Friday, 23 December 2016

2016 -TheYear We Fought Back! : My Christmas Ramble

We Won This Year! 

At the beginning of this year I wrote an article called ''Entering 2016:The Wars To Come'' 2015 had, of course, been the year of the refugee invasion which ran parallel to, and was directly responsible for, a series of barbaric Muslim terror attacks on Europeans. As we entered 2016 it was obvious that there would be yet more terror inflicted upon Europeans and that our traitor elites would show their usual contempt for our suffering which would position us, as reactionaries, into simply pointing out the howling insanity and evil of the people ultimately responsible. 

 And indeed, in 2016, 142 Europeans were slaughtered by Muslims, 1000's perhaps 10,000's of European women have been raped or sexual molested and the petty street violence and casual muggings will be equally eye-watering in number. For me personally, the image of the little girl in Nice wrapped in a tinfoil body-bag after being rundown by an Islamic nut in a truck perfectly encapsulated the betrayal of innocence taking place across the continent, I wrote about it in my ''No Country For Nice White Families'' post.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Free Lawrence Burns

I was recently sent this post and asked if I'd put it on the blog to help keep the plight of Lawrence Burns in the public eye. As many readers will be aware, there's been a dramatic increase in the number of our people being locked up in recent weeks, and non of the cases are more baffling and troubling than that of Lawrence Burns.....

On Friday the 16th of December a young man by the name of Lawrence Burns was remanded in custody. What was his crime? What demonic, unforgivable evil did this young man commit? After all, the judge described the crime as ''serious'' and therefore he had no choice but to throw him prison – to take away his freedom right before Christmas – to send a message to the British public that this man's actions will no longer be tolerated in our liberal democracy.

His crime (?): Mr. Burns was remanded for ''inciting racial hatred'' – it is my intention in this article to articulate that his imprisonment is not a result of Mr. Burns' criminalality but of a sick, anti-White System that opresses any White person who stands up for the interests of their  own people.

Saturday, 17 December 2016

R-Type Final And The War Against Degeneracy

“Scientists have often been baffled by the existence of spontaneous order in the universe. The laws of thermodynamics seem to dictate the opposite, that nature should inexorably degenerate toward a state of greater disorder, greater entropy. Yet all around us we see magnificent structures—galaxies, cells, ecosystems, human beings—that have all somehow managed to assemble themselves.”

I was recently clearing out some old junk when I happened to come across an old Playstation 2 and a couple of games. In a more innocent time I, like many other men, frittered away countless hours playing video games, but one of the games I rediscovered recently rekindled some old memories and when I caved in to temptation and hooked it up I could see why. 

 It goes without saying that this blog is not usually prone to exploring the world of games, especially games from 12 years ago which belong to a dead genre, but on replaying a game called R-type Final it occurred to me that what I was seeing was essentially the struggle which Nationalists find themselves in today, but on a deeper, 'meta' level.

Monday, 12 December 2016

What Kind Of A Man Refuses To Take His Own Side In A Fight?

This post is something of a sequel to my recent post on Kraut and Tea and a bookmark (for now) into my exploration of this new breed of leftist popping up on YouTube, the anarcho-libertarian-socialist-individualist-whatever else- gobshites creating eloquent but vitriolic 'content' about us, such as this guy:


I viewed the content, I understand the arguments, but I cannot for the life of me see why white men, particularly Germans! would be trying to sell this incoherent, paradoxical bullshit to the wider world. I watch this stuff and my mind is beset with questions.....

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Refugees Welcome: The Diaries

Somebody posted a link in the comments this week (hat-tip Dandelo) to a Tweet and article written by a woman called Mary Engleheart, Mary's blog called ''Migration Diaries'' is an account of her pro-refugee activism and tales of derring-do from the front-lines in the Calais migrant jungle. Mary recently wrote an article entitled ''A shout out to the men of fighting age'' it's Mary attempting to refute and debunk the ''men of fighting age'' headline which has become something of a meme.

 The problem is, when I read Mary's article I had the distinct feeling she might be slightly embellishing the facts, and that there might just be a hint of bias in her piece, indeed, I frequently burst out laughing and decided to re-post the whole piece here with some thoughts of my own.....

‘They’re men of fighting age!’ scream the headlines, conjuring up images of threatening brutes. Aggressive rhetoric and hyperbole have coloured the migration debate in the UK throughout 2016, targeting young, male refugees in particular. British MP David Davies claims refugees are not ‘averse to lying about their ages’, and should undergo dental checks, sparking a vicious campaign against ‘hulking’ teenagers being reunited with their families. Young men living in the Calais Jungle have been painted as ticking time bombs by the tabloid press, creating an aura of fear and ignoring the majority who crave peace and a fresh start. I spent two weeks in Calais volunteering at the Ashram Kitchen, serving food alongside the Jungle’s men of fighting age:
‘Keep it’, says Marwan, ‘keep it!’ I stand shivering as my taxi approaches. ‘Honestly Marwan, I don’t need it, really, please take it back.’
‘Keep it!’ he insists. There is no persuading him. We hug goodbye, me wrapped up in his winter jacket, him in a jumper in the cold. I stop feeling guilty. It seems appropriate that Marwan, who refuses to stand in food lines, prefers to keep me warm than keep his jacket.